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Welcome to the home page of Weber Martial Arts.

Weber Martial Arts has been serving the Dutchess County community since January 2009.

We have a friendly and professional staff that are here to provide quality training in a positive learning environment

We teach the classical art of Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan (The American School of the Way of the Empty Hand Defense) which was  founded by Grandmaster and chief instructor Charles J. Ferraro. We  augment our training in Tang Soo Do with the art of Hai Dong Gumdo (the  Way of the Korean Sword), Aikido, Jui-jutsu, Tai Chi and Philippine Martial Arts (Kali, Escrima, Arnis).

We are not bound or limited by outdated traditions and methods that are  no longer effective. We believe in fostering the principles of respect  and discipline, long considered cornerstones for the martial arts. In  this manner our students can fulfill the purpose of our art, that being  the development of every aspect of the "self". This will result in an  individual who totally integrates his/her intellect, body, emotions and  spirit. This integration helps to create a person who is free from inner conflict and who can deal with the outside world in a mature,  intelligent, forthright and virtuous manner

We offer classes for every age group and fitness level. See our Schedule

Children’s Class-Children from the ages of 5-12

Teens and Adult Class-13 and up.

 At Weber Martial Arts ,our goal is to provide you with courteous,  professional training of the highest caliber. We have affordable rates and family discounts as well. Call us today to schedule your free week of training with no strings attached.

Browse our Web site for more information about Weber Martial Arts . If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Weber Martial Arts representative please e-mail us at or call us at 845-849-2739.  Additionally you can fill out the form at our Contact page


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Customer Testimonials:

“My Children always look forward to going to class and have learned a tremendous amount.  Their confidence has increased and their listening skills have improved greatly.  Their respect for themselves and others has grown through their love of this art.  All the children seem to respond positively to Master Weber and his staff.  Master Weber and his staff are great role models and are very enthusiastic about teaching.  Master Weber instills good values in students by his firm and mature, yet caring and fun attitude.”

C.V. Poughkeepsie NY

“My Son Tim was neither interested in nor good at traditional sports.  Having studied martial arts as a kid I was aware of the benefits.  My wife and I therefore searched for a good school for Tim.  We couldn’t be happier with Weber Martial Arts.  Master Weber is an excellent teacher.  He makes his classes fun while maintaining discipline and instilling confidence in the children.”

J. B. Poughkeepsie NY

Weber's Martial Arts has become my home for practicing the art of Tang Soo Do. I enjoy its opportunities for growth in passing on our art to our students in such a positive and nurturing environment. With his encouragement and direction, I have grown in my confidence as an assistant instructor and as a student as well.  I enjoy having open conversations about our art with him and his staff, and how to provide consistency of instruction to our students.  the many interactions I have had with him, have opened my eyes to the love of this art. The opportunity to be a part of this school, has fed my goals for being a student and my desire to pass on the art to others. Tang Soo!!

D.S Poughkeepsie NY

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We are located on the Wappingers/Poughkeepsie border on Route 376 next to the Bookworm.

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